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The mission

DynamicID's mission is to provide technology solutions that allow individuals and businesses to protect their corporate and customers’ devices, accounts, intellectual property, data, information, money, and other physical, virtual and digital assets everywhere.


The story

Technology has fundamentally changed our world. We expect fast, secure and convenient access to assets, money, information, apps, and data anywhere: ATMs, laptops, email, smartphones, devices, and buildings. Maximum productivity requires access for the right individual everywhere: digitally, virtually and physically. In the past, access has been either secure or user-friendly. A truly secure access solution requires enhanced security to reduce unauthorized access and theft, and a user-friendly interface, so it is actually used and not circumvented. That's how dynauth's ground-breaking SAT+one solution was conceived.

The team

DynamicID is lead by a team of experienced professionals with expertise in launching start-ups and growing companies into successful industry leaders: Banking, finance, software development, advertising, and operations. A software development team executes the innovative ideas of DynamicID's founders, two software prodigies with a track record of brilliant, revolutionary ideas. Our industry experts in banking, payment processing, government & security, information security, technology, and medical verticals have the knowledge to efficiently manage the implementation of DynamicID's industry specific solutions for your enterprise.

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